After some years of traveling, I've gathered many useful tools and learned about many services that make my travels more convenient and affordable. I want to share these resources with you.


Book a cheap flight with Skyscanner


I always use Skyscanner as a first tool to find cheap tickets, especially if not familiar with particular low-cost airlines. It finds cheapest options from your current destination, as well as on any given month. It makes the whole process of finding tickets very easy. Though they don't book tickets for you, they provide you with booking links to airlines or online travel agencies.

Book a cheap flight with Kayak

Kayak Explore

Just type in your departing location and let Kayak Explore find all discounted flights to various destinations around the world. Once I found a ticket from Taiwan to Guam for $60 which usually costs hundreds of dollars. I'd recommend this tool if you don't have any particular date and destination in mind.

Find a cheap flight with Google Matrix

Google Matrix

It's one of the best tools for advanced flights search. It allows you to look for cheapest tickets in a particular month, find flights with many legs that often help take down the price, and more. This tool doesn't allow you to book flights, but will give you enough info to provide your preferred travel agent with. How to find cheap flights with Matrix.

Find a cheap flight with Google Flights

Google Flights

If Matrix is too difficult for you to use, Google Flights offers you the convenience of quick and easy searching. However, it comes at an expense of less advanced search features. As with Matrix, this tool doesn't allow you to book flights, but it directs you to online travel agencies for easy booking. 4 ways to use the Google Flights.


Stay cheaply with Airbnb


Airbnb is my number one choice when it comes to finding a comfortable and affordable place to stay. It lets homeowners rent their apartments and often meet with travelers. On the other hand, for you as a traveler, it creates a unique experience of staying in a home-like place abroad. Get $40 off your first travel.

Book a cheap accommodation with


If I decide to stay in a hotel instead of an apartment, I always search on Booking first. Their website is easy to navigate, choices of hotels are endless and you can find some pretty good deals too. A lot of the hotels featured on booking have a free cancellation policy which comes in handy.

Book a cheap accommodation with Agoda


If you're traveling to Asia, I'd recommend you to use Agoda first. Usually, they have better deals and a bigger selection of hotels than Booking. Sometimes you can find the same hotel for 3-10% less than Booking. It's worth to give it a try before booking elsewhere.

Book a cheap accommodation with Ctrip


Another great hotel booking website specifically aimed at East Asia. If you plan to visit China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan they usually have the best deals. You could easily book a hotel 20% cheaper than on Agoda. The only downside is the lack of reviews for most of the accommodations.

Book a cheap accommodation with HotelQuickly


Great mobile app for last-minute hotel bookings. Depending on the city you can get as much as 60% off on rooms. The catch is that they mostly feature fancy and expensive hotels, so if you're on the budget I'd check the above first. Asia and Australia only.

Book a cheap accommodation with HotelTonight


Another mobile app that lets you book last minute hotels, but this time aimed at America, Europe, and Australia. They usually have better deals in general than HotelQuickly.

Book a cheap bed with Hostelworld


If you're more of a backpacker type traveler, you should definitely book a hostel room with Hostelworld. They have a vast choice of all kinds of rooms ranging from dirt cheap and ugly ones to more pricey but fancy.

Find a free couch with Couchsurfing


This website gives you a chance to stay with hosts on their couch (or any other available sleeping space they may have). You get an opportunity to experience a local culture in a way you could never do while staying in the hotel. The stay is free, but it's always a good idea to bring some gifts for your host or cook for them.


Get a ride with Uber


Uber is a very convenient way to get around the city cheaply. You can see the driver's exact location, how long will it take him to get to you, how much it will cost and more. There's a strong incentive to provide good services because of the available reputation system. This makes Uber one of the safest mode of transportation especially if you're traveling alone. Fuck taxi, get a FREE ride.

Find the cheapest transportation with Rome2Rio


If you're clueless about getting to a particular destination, this website will help you with just that. Enter your departure and arrival destination and it will show you the cost and what modes of transportation to use, be it a train, bus, ferry or a plane. Rome2Rio will plan everything for you.


Offline map

City Maps 2Go

This app is especially useful if you travel with no local Internet data on your mobile. It gives you an unlimited access to offline maps for free (the basic versions shows ad, though). It also lets you discover interesting new places, save them and organize them. It has made my travels way easier throughout those years.

Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links. If you decided to make a purchase I'll earn a small commission. It comes at no additional cost to you! I only promote companies and services that I've previously used, so I hope these resources will also be useful to you. Thank you for any purchase you make, it helps me maintain this blog.