8 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job Immediately (or to Never Find Any at All)

Mario Dian May 18, 2014 4 min read

Working for the largest bank in Slovakia wasn’t the worst experience in my life.

I had a solid stable income, I kinda learnt to work in a team and cooperate with it, and I know how to deal with bunch of idiots from other teams now, but it was definitely a negative enough experience that forced me to quit my job.

And I recommend you to do the same.

#1 You deal with people you don’t like

The day before you first came to your shiny new work, you thought to yourself that you’ll never have to interact with others.

Not only you had to, because they put you in an open space, but you also had to talk with people you couldn’t stand from the day one.

Avoiding such people in any company is impossible. They will just keep coming to you.

#2 Your boss is a complete douche

You might not avoid your colleagues completely, but you may at least ignore them to an extent, they will only talk to you when they need your help to get their work done. Ignoring your stuck up boss is an entirely different story.

You do that once, and he will be your worst nightmare making your life really miserable.

I bet you don’t want to spend a Friday night working while your friends will be getting drunk in a pub, do you?

#3 You waste your productive time

If you work in an office, the chances are you have to attend several meetings a week (and sometimes every single day).

Those of you that go to those meetings know, how boring and unproductive they can be. Sitting by the desk, "discussing unimportant issues", just to come to a conclusion that you need three more sessions to discuss the same shit all over again? We all know how frustrating it is.

Imagine how productive you could be if you didn’t waste your time this way and work on something else instead.

#4 You build dreams of someone else

Even if your job is not boring and you spend your time reasonably, what do you gain at the end of the day? Of course your colleagues are well aware that you’ve created all the cool products, but will you be noticed from outside the company?

Will anyone mention your name?

Not at all, they will only talk about the CEO, not you. In fact, did you know he’s created all those expensive products?

#5 Money

Speaking of expensive products, did you ever think about how much do you earn, comparing to how much the company owner gets?

You work your ass off every day, just to realize his net annual income is more than you’ll see in your entire life.

Of course you’ve voluntarily agreed to such conditions, but isn’t it much better to sell the products yourself, and keeping all the earnings in your pocket?

#6 Everyday is the same

The alarm wakes me up at 6AM. I can’t get off the bed because I am in the middle of a dream. That chick is really hot, and I need to finish it.

I finally get up a couple of hours later and prepare a tea. I go to a bathroom to do all my morning rituals while the tea is cooling down.

Making the same breakfast every day makes me wanna puke, but hey, it’s healthy!

I quickly go through all the news on my iPad, and I’m ready to head off to work.

I come to the office and greet all the same people I would rather not be with, I sit by the desk and start my computer.

While it wakes up, I go to a kitchen to have some water when it finally strikes me - "shit, I do this every single day".

I rather not finish the story, but you get an idea.

#7 You have to get up early morning

As long as you’re not a company owner or boss, your working hours are most likely to be strict, which involves getting off the bed very early.

Of course, you can come up with all these crazy stories about getting stuck in a traffic jam or cleaning the apartment because your two years old kid couldn’t hold back the breakfast.

But how long do you think your boss will pretend he’s retarded? He may let you do it once or twice, but he will make you get up early anyway.

#8 You hate your job

Be it a disgusting meal in company’s "restaurant", or your smelly colleague sitting next to you, no matter what’s the reason you hate your job, you shouldn’t stay in an environment you are not happy in.

Not only it’s not good for your health, but you’re also a pain in the ass for everyone else that has to work with you.

Where do you think those weird looks at you come from?


If none of the above applies to you, then it’s totally fine, and you should continue to do what you enjoy.

But if you end up being frustrated with your life, there’s nothing that holds you back from moving elsewhere.

People always tell you to have a job and steady income so you can provide for your family, but there are other ways to live your life.

The notion that not everybody is capable of being an entrepreneur is just plain wrong, and you shouldn’t listen to it.

If others could do it, why not you?

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