Korea Part 2: Chocolate, Ahjummas and How to Talk to HER

As a fan of a procrastination at its finest, I packed my backpack just hours before I had to wake up at 4AM. Yes, it was a first day of my trip to South Korea. I rushed to the train station in Bratislava to catch the train to Budapest. I quickly bought some dark chocolate in a small stall, because it helps to keep me out of toilet for quite some time and got on the train. 

The journey was all fine until noisy girls sitting next to me began to worry about the train being late. It was supposed to arrive at Budapest train station 3 hours before the flight, so I remained calm. At least for a while. The train was really getting late more and more and what should have been 3 hours in advance was quickly changed to less than two hours to the flight. It wouldn’t be an issue at all if I knew exactly how to get to the Budapest airport at that time.

As soon as the train arrived I jumped off it literally milliseconds it stopped and rushed to the ticket counter to get tickets for subway and bus. I forgot to mark the ticket before entering the subway station, so aware of ticket-checking guys being dicks and lack of time, I got off at a transfer station and went out just to mark it and then continued my way. Because of this fail I arrived at the airport just 30 minutes before boarding. I was lucky enough there were no queues at security checks so I was at the gate in no time.

My first journey was to get from Budapest to Helsinki which was my transfer airport to Incheon. The first flight wasn’t anything special, the plane was small and stewardesses were old and ugly. I have no idea why so many European airlines employ these elderly women instead of hot young chicks as every single Asian airline does.

Anyway I’ve ordered an Asian vegetarian meal in advance for all my flights, so it was a pleasant surprise when they really prepared a non-meat option for me. It wasn’t Asian at all, but hey, at least I didn’t have to eat meat which I stopped to do as part of a new year resolution. 


I arrived to Helsinki in couple of hours, got past the security check real quick and had more than 2 hours left to boarding. I’ve stumbled upon seats with wall sockets which is always a nice thing to have for crappy smartphone batteries that can’t last very long. After minutes on facebook I noticed that there’s some weird shit going on.

It was an April fools day. Being really bored I came up with an idea of pranking my friends. I made up a story about me getting stuck at Helsinki and missing my flight to Incheon. They took the bait instantly and I started to get lot of "I’m really sorry to hear that" messages. The prank went surprisingly well, so with really weird smile on my face I moved to the boarding gate. I could already see tons of cute Korean girls from the distance so I was getting really excited (not in my pants, I swear to god).

After few experiences with long flights to Asia I didn’t leave anything to chance, so I booked a seat with lot of leg room in advance. Little did I know, that ahjummas don’t give a shit about your personal space, so I was constantly moving my legs off the way as they were passing in front of me.

For those who don’t know who’s an ahjumma, I’m telling you, you don’t wanna mess with her. It’s an older mostly frustrated Korean woman, that thinks the whole world lies in her hands and she can do whatever she deems appropriate. 


The plane was packed with many beautiful ladies and that was exactly what I was hoping for. I wasn’t talkative to strangers at the time, but just looking at those girls was good enough. Suddenly a girl around my age sat next to me. I noticed she was really cute, but I didn’t pay much attention and she did neither. The only thing I was waiting for was a "free" plane beer anyway. 

As we got in the air and after many beers, I recalled I still had the chocolate I bought at the train station. I was about to offer her a little that would maybe start a conservation. But even though I was already getting drunk I was stuck at making the move so after half an hour of getting courage, I put it back. Damn, no conversation this time.

What seemed as impossible at first quickly changed as we accidentally (or purposely?) both looked at each other at the same time. She smiled and said hi. "Why would this pretty Korean girl say hi to me?" - came on my mind, I said hi as well and quickly turned the other way. Fuck, am I really this stupid? I guess so.

Too good she was probably bored as hell, so we looked at each other once again and she asked me something. Bingo! After couple of ex-girlfriends when I lost all my talking skills with strangers, I’ve come to realize that starting a conversation is as easy as saying hi and just asking literally anything afterwards. 

I really enjoyed talking with N as she was funny and unlike many other Koreans she could speak english very well. We’ve chatted almost the whole flight, which didn’t feel like 9 hours long at all. Sadly, it was quickly over, we said good bye and never ever saw each other again.


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