Costa Rica: The Happiest Place on Earth

Many articles on the web describe Costa Rica as the "Happiest Place on Earth" and such a statement is based on several reasons.

The fact that the Army was abolished in 1948 and that the budget once used to buy weapons and train soldiers, has been redirected to Public Education and health.

This could be enough to put the Country on top of the list, however, there is much more to it.

25% of its territory was declared protected and turned into National Parks and Natural Reserves in order to preserve the rich biodiversity, which made Costa Rica one of the most coveted tourist destination on the Planet.

The Locals here have an exceptional friendly attitude, they show their white teeth pretty much all the time, even if they have never seen you before.

Adding to the smile they greet or respond "all good" with a unique way of saying: "PURA VIDA", which literally means PURE LIFE and in reality stands for, "take it easy", "enjoy the moment".

These two words become so glorious, awarding the country as PURA VIDA LAND.

A significant portion of coastal territory has been developed by expats from all around, contributing to a remarkable growth of the country both economical and urban. Being an Expat in Costa Rica is relatively accessible, depending on your goals, there is a way for everyone.

Money of course, is the best way in, so if you are lucky enough to own some decent cash, you can easily open a business in some exotic beach town and make a satisfying income, according to your perseverance and skills.

Now if you have a massive amount of cash, you can develop or buy properties and turn them into Vacation Rental, a pretty good source of income nowadays, a great example of is VacationRentalsCostaRica LLC.

If you are a beach bum you can either work for others, sell street food, give surf lessons, magically turn into a knowledgeable tour guide or whatever your surviving art inspires you to become.

If there is a will, there is a way.

The country itself is beyond breathtaking offering sensational landscapes, constant surf with world class waves, majestic waterfalls hidden into deep lush rainforest, tropical flowers, exotic colorful birds, imposing volcanoes and fascinating mixture of wild life.

So much beauty, fun, and adventure compressed into a tiny piece of land, makes it easy to discover, you can actually watch the sun rise on the Caribbean side and enjoy the sunset on the Pacific side because the traveling distance is very short.

The bus system in Costa Rica is very much expanded and it allows you to reach most of the destinations with just a few bucks.

THE PURA VIDA LAND is capable of fascinating any expectation, whether you are a backpacker, honeymooner, family vacation or a solo traveler, a once in a life time experience is guaranteed.

Once you take a vacation here you will surely want to settle down in this outstanding little piece of heaven.

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