PQI i-Power 3300 Portable Rechargeable Battery [Review]

Recently I’ve been traveling to Asia, and one of the downsides of these travels is always a short battery life of my Apple devices. I use my iPhone a lot while wandering outside because I am a regular Foursquare user, and I’m also fairly retarded in reading paper maps. Having an experience from my past travels to Hong Kong and Taiwan I decided to get a portable battery for my trip to South Korea.

I aimed at decent capacity and small size batteries for reasonable prices. The only one that met those criteria was PQI i-Power 3300 from a Taiwan company.

As you may have already figure out it’s a 3300 mAh portable rechargeable battery, that comes with a slim profile and sleek I would say "Apple-like" design. The surface is soft and smooth and will not leave any fingerprints on. The battery is only 95 grams in weight and just slightly bigger than iPhone 5 in every dimension. It fits nice in your pocket, even with your iPhone so a huge advantage is you can recharge it while walking around without cables sticking from one pocket to another.



The battery comes with a USB output that is used for charging your phone or any other USB compatible device such as a tablet, camera, etc. To recharge the battery itself, you are provided with a microUSB port and USB to microUSB cable which can be stored at the rubber tail on the top. It doesn’t come with a charger though so you have to use one that comes with your "to be charged" device. I just put the USB cable in my iPhone charger, and it works flawlessly.



There is a power button that you have to press for the device to start recharging. Sometimes I forgot to do it which resulted in a dead phone battery. The good thing is you only have to press it once every recharge, which is convenient if you have to for some reason plug and unplug your device several times.

The power button also acts as a power indicator to view how much capacity is left. There are four blue LED lights underneath the cover above the button. Each of the light indicates 25% of capacity. I completely understand the idea behind placing the lights under the cover from a design perspective, but it’s barely seen in a daylight, so you have to cover it to see anything.



I would recommend charging the battery overnight as it takes some time. I haven’t measured it but when I woke up in 8 hours it was already recharged.

You can charge your iPhone 5 up to two times which is convenient for a day of heavy usage with GPS and the internet turned on, while taking pictures and videos, and listening to music. I never had to recharge my iPhone twice using a day, so there’s some power left for other devices as well.

Recharging an iPhone 5 takes slightly over 2 hours while WiFi is on. I didn’t try to turn on the airplane mode, but I suppose it would cut the recharge time at

least by 30-45 minutes.


  • capacity: 3300 mAh
  • weight: 95 grams
  • dimensions: 130 x 67 x 10.7 mm
  • input: 1A microUSB port
  • output: 1.5A USB port
  • accessories: USB to miniUSB cable

I think having a backup source of power is a must have for every traveler even if you’re not a fan of smartphone maps and GPS. You never know when you’ll need to call an ambulance e.g. so having a phone fully recharged comes in handy. If you’re looking for a lightweight, portable rechargeable battery with fairly small size, decent capacity, sleek design and reasonable price around 25 euros, I would say PQI i-Power 3300 is a great choice for your traveling needs.

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