Korea Part 0: Traveling to South Korea to See My Best Friend Gone Wrong

It all started last summer when my best friend - let’s call her W - had to go back to Korea to finish her university. I only knew W for about half a year at the time, but I felt like I grew up with her and thinking of not seeing her again any time soon made me feel shit. After a short chat we decided that I come to see her when she’s done with the school. Full of happiness I bought a return ticket to Incheon 10 months in advance for next April. I was little bit uneasy about traveling alone as I’ve never done that, but hey, I would be with my best friend so what could possibly go wrong, right? Wrong!

Planning doesn’t work

A month after I got the tickets W told me that a Korean company based in Czech Republic wants to hire her. Great, she wanted to return to Europe so badly and have a job here so I was really happy for her. The company wanted her as soon as possible so she would leave Korea in September. Wait a second. I was never good at math (hello to all my math teachers) so it took me a while to realize, that not only I will not see her there, but I’m traveling all alone as well. I knew this was going to be my worst travel experience ever.

Dealing with the situation

I already paid for the flight tickets and told everybody that I’m visiting South Korea. I always tell people my plans in advance which makes me look like a complete idiot because those plans usually fail. No way in hell it’s gonna fail this time. What distinguishes you from losers is your ability to face the issue and do whatever it takes to find a solution for it. Aware of this motivational-always-repeating-bullshit I started to look for a solution.

Using my dick for thinking would obviously not solve my problem so instead of googling for a Korean teen porn (which I of course never ever do!) I spent couple of days looking for websites with genuine Korean people that are opened to foreigners. I needed to find friends that would spend some time with me in Seoul. 

After days of going through dating websites which was the only thing I could come up with, I stumbled upon a Korean girl. Her age and her appearance made me look like a pedophile, but she stated in her profile that she wants to meet foreigners and was exactly what I was looking for. I messaged her, but couldn’t get any reply for weeks because she never checked the message. That didn’t stop me as I always do background checks on  people so I could find her using her photo on other sites as well. But this time I didn’t message her because the site that I’ve found her on was packed with tons of pretty Korean girls. Bingo!

I’ve created a cool profile with sexy photos of myself and went on a hunt. But my social phobia strengthen by the last fail as well as hatred towards online chatting, kept me from messaging anyone, so I just made a huge list of girls to get in touch with in future. Sometimes. Maybe. Or maybe not.

Anyway, the good thing about the site is that whenever you see a profile they are notified about it so having a nice picture clearly paid off. Girls (and gays as well) started to message me quickly so I was able to make lot of (not just) Korean friends over time. You know being young, hot and funny is everything you ever need. 

After getting some friends and strenghtening a friendship with them I could fully concentrate on planing all the necessary things before the trip. I already knew I won’t be alone. Yay! Well, as always it didn’t go as it was supposed to. Damn planning again…


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