I Love My Life: The Top Stories of 2014

My good friend Erik wrote the post about his fails and achievements of 2014 (Slovak only) and inspired me to do the same. This time of year I always look in the past to see in what way I’ve improved my life, how far I’ve gone and what mistakes I’ve made so I can avoid it in the future. This is the first time I’m doing it publicly though.

No more meat

It all started when I was as a kid at my great grand mother’s place and her dog killed the neighbor’s chicken. They forced me to go through the small hole in the fence to get it so the neighbor wouldn’t notice. I was so afraid to touch it (I might have even cried lol) but I was much more afraid when they stir-fried it and made me eat it. From then on I was disgusted every time I had to eat meat (except bacon) and sometimes it even made me puke when I got close to the fat meat with all the gristle, veins, skin and bones.

This story came on my mind at the end of December 2013 when I accidentally bitten a bone in the fried pork my mom made for lunch. That was the moment when I realized it was a living creature just couple of days before and I no longer wanted to contribute to the mass murder and rape that goes on.

It took some time and lot of sacrifice to get where I am now. I couldn’t resist to have a bacon from time to time and I’m still struggling with fish (I eat it just because it most likely doesn’t feel pain), but overall I’m pretty happy with the outcome. It’s been a year and except those few fails (and fish) I haven’t eat any meat or anything related to dead bodies.


Not only it feels great, but I noticed lot of health improvements. I lost around 10kg of fat, I’m no longer being tired after meal and it feels like my hair quality improved drastically (no more oily hair on the next day). Also I became much more chill. It might be unrelated, but that’s not really important.


The first half of 2014 was all about traveling, seeing new places and experiencing new cultures.

It all started when my friend got an idea to see our Slovak friends in Switzerland. It didn’t take long and we were sitting in the plane ror a short weekend trip to Zurich. I was never interested in Europe but this trip made me want to see more.


My next destination was planned for almost a year in advance and it all started when I got an idea to see my best friend in South Korea. It didn’t work according to plans but the trip itself was amazing.


As usual, I spent most of my work time on the internet and fortunately so. I’ve spotted a great deal on WizzAir Facebook, didn’t hesitate a second and got in touch with my friend. Couple of hours later our itinerary was done and we were ready for a small summer trip around Europe (which reminds me I should finish the articles).


I even got to see my favorite band Blink 182 which was on my bucket list.


Started blogging again

There were numerous blog attempts before, but I simply couldn’t keep up and always closed the blog after few weeks. It was very different this time because 2013/2014 was all about new plans to point my life in to right direction.

I knew there was so much to write about in the future especially when it comes to my life. Those who know me are aware that I can talk about myself all day long. So here I am, 8 months later and still blogging about me, my travels and things I enjoy.

Work life

For those who don’t know I worked for the largest bank in Slovakia. It’s mostly run by sociopaths and assholes all the way down to thea least important manager. I didn’t really enjoy my job from the beginning but it was bearable with my colleagues around.


The moment they started quitting their jobs or getting kicked out I hated going there more and more everyday. Once they forced my ex-boss to leave and the new boss’ arrogant attitude made my team leader quit after few days, I knew at that point my time is over. I carefully planned out everything so I could get my semi-annual bonus paycheck. It worked out well and I was jobless by the end of June.

Looking back, I’m confident quitting the job was the best decision I made in my life. Not only the world didn’t collapse, it got me closer to my dreams.

Was it scary? As hell. Was it worth it? Definitely!

Anarchy life

I was always opposed to artificial authorities but it hit me hard 2 years ago when I finally realized I’m an anarchist. Though I believed (and still do) in no government at all, I didn’t really live like an anarchist. I wasn’t sure how to do it and even after I found out I couldn’t jump right straight in to it, because it’s really hard when you’re employed.

After I quit the job, the whole new world has opened for me. I went on welfare to get back at least a small portion of the money that politicians stole from me. I was getting much less than I had to "give" them under threat of violence (taxes) but still more than most of people’s wages in Slovakia.


As I was getting the steady income from the government, I needed to move more money out of my bank accounts so those government parasites can’t get their dirty hands in to my pocket. I kept buying bitcoin and precious metals to store my wealth for years to come.

But I didn’t just stop there, because having less printed papers itself doesn’t mean anything. My friend found a way to get rid off most of ties (except citizenship) with the state so after few months of investigating I decided to take a risk. I canceled the welfare, closed most of my bank accounts, renounced my Slovak residence and most importantly canceled the mandatory public healthcare insurance. The feeling when politicians can no longer easily steal from you is priceless.


I felt in love with Taiwan the moment I made a visit in November 2013. I’ve been dreaming about living there ever since and I knew I had to get back somehow. The dream came true - it’s my second month here in Kaohsiung and I never felt happier.



As I said earlier I made some long-term investments in to bitcoins and metals but what really earned me nice passive income was lending US dollars to speculators on bitfinex. The profit wasn’t as good as year before, but I could still close the year with +29.93%. Too bad, I didn’t create the bitfinex bot earlier - the profit would be much higher.



Of course the year 2014 wasn’t all just about great achievements.

The price of gold, silver and other metals went down so did bitcoin’s (as well as other cryptocurrencies’ I’ve invested in) even more, therefore I could have waited longer to buy-in much more and much cheaply.

I found out I was still feeling something for my ex-girlfriend the whole time after we broke up. It made me feel shit for the whole year which resulted in me being drunk most of the time.

I felt on the tram rail and ripped my elbow sack that carries the liquid to help the skin move easily over the bone. It costed me quite a lot money as I went to a private surgeon, but what worries me most is that the bone area is still sensitive and painful.

Though I worked really hard I couldn’t finish the first phase of my Taiwanese project by the end of December. This would easily win a prize for "The biggest fail of 2014".

Contrary to all those things that didn’t work out well, I still believe it was my best year so far.

I became less violent towards animals, traveled 11 countries (including Taiwan), got to know new cultures, met tons of new people, ate lot of delicious food, got rid off things that were making me unhappy, sad and angry, and finally started a new life I was dreaming about for so long.

At first you feel like you’re completely lost, but once you just start doing things you want and love, you’ll realize there’s nothing that can stop you being happy.

I’m looking forward to year 2015 because it already started great in terms of relationships (maybe more on this later) and hopefully will improve business-wise as well. I’ll be doing my bucket list for this year soon so stay tuned.

I’d like to hear from you what you liked and hated the most about your year 2014. Please let me know in the comments.

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