Eurotrip Part 2: Karma in Venice is a Bitch!

Boarding the plane took an incredible amount of time. I don’t know whether I’ll blame it on the airport stuff or Wizz Air itself, but we’ve always waited so long throughout the eurotrip. Seating on Wizz Air flight was as expected - you’ll get tiny leg room (I’d say much less than you do on Ryanair flights) unless you pay for it. Another option is boarding among last passengers, which we accidentally did so that you can stretch your legs to the alley. One thing is sure; you’ll never forget such flight even if you get prepared.

After arriving at Treviso Airport which is a small airport located 20km outside of Venice, "O" wanted to buy a bus ticket from the vending machine, but her being a girl I highly doubt she would be capable of that.

Not that I have any bias against females (I do), but I just don’t think that would work out, so I got the tickets at the ATVO (bus company) stall. If you intend to stay in Venice up to 10 days, I recommend you to get a return ticket for 18€ whereas a single journey ticket costs 10.

The bus driver wasn’t paying too much attention while driving, which I was used to from a past trip to Italy. I’d say Italians just don’t care about driving and find every other activity much more pleasing instead.

We arrived in Mestre Station after 50 minutes ride, but it was still early morning, so there wasn’t much to do in the city. Opposite the station, there’s a hotel cafe, so we had some breakfast and decided to wander around lately.

The one thing you can notice right away is Chinese people. They are all over the city. I didn’t find it particularly interesting, but “O” is a racist and she kept saying they shouldn’t be allowed to coming to Europe long term.


Weird, she wasn’t bothered by scary looking gypsies in the neighborhood we were passing further to the city center.

Mestre is a small town on the other side of the Venice bridge. It’s traditionally looking with nice big squares and fountains. Too bad everything was closed even past 9AM. Maybe Italians enjoy their siesta on late mornings too? We were supposed to check in at around noon, so waiting on numerous benches was our only bet.


The attic I found on Airbnb was quite reasonable, taking into account how insanely expensive rents in Venice are and how shitty quality you get for your money.

I didn’t want to make this post about "O" but as soon as the owner left, she went to have a shower. As I found out later, complaining (e.g. about attic roof in the shower being too steep, lol who would have said that) is what she does best, but she’s also excellent at making herself looking uhm, simpleminded? She reads my blog, so I can’t use the word "dumb" no matter how hard I want.

Anyway, she locked herself up in the bathroom not being able to unlock the door. I bet you would shit your pants laughing if you were me, so please don’t judge me. After a good laugh, I had to solve the problem because "O" was getting scared (in other words insane) more and more.

I found out little later the only thing needed to do was to pull the door slightly and turn the key. If you’ve ever seen a woman happy after you made her squirt all over the bed, you would have to redefine a “woman happiness” if you saw "O" jumping on me as she escaped this horrible place.

A Little nap and then looking for a restaurant. I think business owners in Mestre are unbelievably rich (or stupid) because the only opened restaurant we could find was a weird pizza place where you had to pass a "kitchen like" space to get to the outside seating. The pizza was nice, though. It had to be for the price.

After a dinner, we went to the city center to finally have a beer or five. I won’t go into many details because it’s always the same. You drink, get drunk, talk shit and then somehow end up home safe and sound. But one thing I realized in the bar was that people in Mestre and Venice in general use really long and complicated passwords for their WiFi. It was true for every place we’ve been to; even our attic had a password like "fcuk-m3#r1gHt49In69pu$sy". If only Italians cared for a traffic safety as much as they do for the internet.

So we somehow ended up home at night and had a little fight before we went sleeping. She wanted to open the window, so the fresh air comes in. If you’ve ever been to Venice (or the surrounding area) you know it’s like inviting over all mosquitos from the neighborhood. She was stubborn so fuck it; I don’t get bothered by mosquitoes too much anyway.

I hate mornings and typically I would kill anyone for waking me up, but seeing a massive swelling on "O’s" eye was like winning a lottery for me. Laughing at people’s accidents is what I enjoy especially when they could have avoided it if they’d listen to what I say.

I don’t believe in karma but I’m sure as hell Chinese brought one with them, and it landed right on her face. Lesson learned, and luckily we’ve never ended up in a fight about windows again.

While "O" was trying to get off the mosquito bite with a cold spoon, I was learning how to say "4 bus tickets to Venice please". Buying the tickets (1.30€ each) was the easier part but figuring out how to use it was a real challenge. Only later I found out that there’s probably a little "chip" inside the paper card, and you just have to wave your ticket in front of the machine.

I’m not a huge fan of Venice, especially in summer, because it’s dirty and smelly but "O" seemed to enjoy it a lot. It means she had to take a picture every 10 seconds.


Of course, I’m not a good navigator even with GPS turned on on my iPhone, so we somehow ended up on the wrong side of the island.


After all, it wasn’t that bad because we found a little snack place called Blu Bar.

It seemed like it was run by Taiwanese which were surprised when I spoke very little Mandarin to them at the end. They served couple of foreign beers but what I really loved about the place (apart from this cute Taiwanese girl) was really "cheap" (in Venice terms) cold seafood salad.

Usually, when I go for it in Slovakia it consists of 1 piece of a shrimp and one little crab stick. In this case, the salad was all seafood and as little vegetable as possible. Good deal for only 10€. Even this pigeon inside the bar approved.


Finally, after a couple of hours of walking, we found the major tourist attraction - Piazza San Marco. The area around "Campanile di San Marco" was packed with shit tons of (Chinese) tourists as expected.


I remember sitting on a sidewalk next to water and sipping a beer with my friend "J" years before. "O" liked the idea very much so we sat for hours drinking, talking and looking at all those people.


If you’re not used to paying for a toilet be sure to do your thing while in a bar/cafe/whatever because you’ll have to pay 1.50€ for the public one. In comparison when you’re in let’s say Hong Kong, you pay 0€ (yes nothing!), and there’s even a staff cleaning those toilets every couple of minutes. Ah, good ol’ Asia.


The next morning was without any accident on "O’s" face. We left the attic and went for a launch somewhere around Mestre Station. I love Asian food, so I talked "O" to eating at a Chinese restaurant. She wasn’t interested but realized quickly there’s really nothing she can do about it.

Even Chinese in Mestre don’t open their places before 11AM which is unusual for an Asian restaurant. But soon enough it was full of… who else than Chinese families. I was enjoying my huge bowl of seafood while my racist friend was giving them dirty looks. She was, of course, complaining about the food as well. Nothing I wasn’t prepared for. At least she tried a baby shrimp for the first time so after all I wasn’t that ashamed of her.

Happy about my full belly of great food that only costed like 5€, we went for a bus to Treviso Airport. "O" was still hungry, because a fried tofu that she’s ordered in the restaurant wasn’t up to her taste, so she got herself a very little, but expensive cake at the airport. Argh, If I only knew I’d deal with her pickiness throughout the whole journey.

I could never understand woman’s brain, so I was just quietly enjoying my tea while she was running back and forth between a duty-free shop and my table with all those fragrance samples all over her body. Like I cared about it…

Thank god it didn’t last long, and we were waiting for our next flight to Skopje in no time. I didn’t know what to expect from Macedonia, but looking at all those brown colored people with most of their teeth out and dressed like there’s a carnival going on, something was telling me we were going for an adventure.

Good bye Venice!

More photos on my Flickr page. (I haven’t uploaded all photos yet)

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