Eurotrip Part 1: Blink 182 Show in Prague

It all started with an announcement that Blink 182 would play a show in Prague. I never easily get out to buy anything (even food), but 30 minutes after the news I had my shiny new ticket in my hands. Then another announcement was made shortly after, this time by a low-cost airline Wizz Air. They were celebrating 10 years anniversary and offered this special ticket giveaway where you get every second seat for free. Sounded like a great plan to me - I was gonna be in Prague anyway so why not to fly further across Europe. I contacted my friend O, she agreed and couple of hours later we had our itinerary ready and booked.

As usually I packed my bag literally just hours before I was supposed to leave so I didn’t sleep at all that night. 4:50AM and I was already on the bus to Bratislava. I expected it to be half empty because of the summer break, but it was full of workers. I had no idea people get up at 3:30 in the morning just to work their asses off for low wages. I’m glad I can afford to be unemployed.

My friend living in Bratislava was supposed to wait for me at the train station, at least that’s what you would expect from someone that carries your train tickets. L is always late and this time, it was no exception. He came to the station 3 minutes before the train did. Never mind, he made it. We were sitting in a coupe with an old German couple and two Slovak-Hungary (not sure) women in their 40s dressed like they were on their way home from high school prom.

We arrived in Prague, and once we got off the station, I was happy to smell a weed everywhere. It always feels so familiar and welcoming when I come to the Czech Republic. We met our friend N who was kind enough to offer us his apartment for the whole three day stay in Prague. I won’t deny the first thing we did was having a nice dose of nature if you know what I mean.

Then we headed to a Chinese restaurant called Zhong Yuan, because me and O are semi-vegetarians and Czech cuisine is far from being vegetarian. O eats whatever doesn’t look disgusting yet she pretends the love to animals, and I’m more of a pescetarian eating only fish and seafood (and chicken when starving to death, but more on this later) so Chinese food would do the trick for all of us. I have to admit this is the second restaurant in Europe I’ve been to, where Chinese food actually tasted like Chinese food (or at least close enough). Most of the time it’s just salty shit prepared for fat and ugly Europeans which have no idea what Chinese cuisine tastes like.

N gave us instructions on how to take care of his cat and was on his way to Slovakia as well as we were on our way to get some Czech beer. We headed to a famous restaurant called Výtopna where your beer is served on a train right to your table. How cool is that? Before I went on the trip, I made a public announcement that I’ll limit my beer drinking to up to 3 large beers per day. It didn’t always go as planned but this time, I could keep up with my "promise".

The next morning we started with smoking the nature again so we could bear with all the tourists in Prague as we planned to go to Charles Bridge later. I took care (threw out the shit) of the cat so we could go out looking for a "vegetarian" restaurant to get some lunch. I didn’t really care much about the restaurant selection as I eat anything without meat, but O, as every single woman on the Planet, had to create first world problems out of nothing. Finally, after going from one restaurant to another we picked my favourite one anyway - called U Houbaře. It’s far from being vegetarian but fuck that, they have a great food, fantastic beer and the nicest staff in Czech Republic. O, which has no problem to eat a burger (as she’s secretly told me), got herself a cake because she can’t appreciate fine "svieckova" (a beef sirloin in cream sauce). I seriously started to question the selection of my travel partner and the trip haven’t even started yet.

After the lunch, we jumped on the metro because L wanted to get a seat reservation for his train journey back to Bratislava. If I didn’t know him for ages, I’d go apeshit crazy, but things like buying something and later deciding (and talking about it for hours) he should have bought something different, can’t piss me off anymore.

On the way to Charles Bridge, L jumped off the train and rushed to the one that headed just the opposite direction. If you ever used metro in Prague, you know what that means, sigh. After a couple of minutes going back from where we came, we were on the right track again.

The bridge was just overcrowded with people as I expected. No wonder, because it’s one of the best spots to take nice pictures (or selfies if you’re childish enough), get some souvenirs or overpriced drugs.



O and L took some weird pictures of themselves, and I took them to "Mala Strana" to see the narrowest street (at least) in Prague. It’s so narrow it has to be controlled by traffic lights.


We walked around the whole area with historic buildings and modern shops, eateries (even McDonald’s) and cafes around which seemed little strange to me. I’m not a huge fan of historical sights mixed with consumerism.

There’s Prague Castle on top of the hill which was a little disappointment to me. It mostly serves as a residence for the president (god I hate those parasites), so area below the castle was much more interesting to me.



Going back from Mala strana we met with my friend E. For those who would want to visit Prague be aware, finding a nice pub in the city center is nearly impossible. Instead of pub, we ended up in an Italian restaurant - after all, they serve beer anywhere and we were slowly getting hungry as well. I wasn’t too happy about my Spaghetti aglio e olio (they took the “olio” part literally so the pasta was soaked in oil) but I didn’t care either the closer we were to the Blink 182 show. We came “home”, smoked little more, got some Desperados beer and were on our way to the show.

The smoking took us a while so we couldn’t see both guest bands Gnarwolves and Wilhelm Scream playing. Maybe next time. We met with my friends J and S just minutes before Blink 182 was supposed to start. Little screaming from the audience and Tom, Mark and Travis were on the stage.


I must admit I don’t remember the setlist, but I sure as hell remember they played lot of my old time favorite songs. I wouldn’t say it was the best performance I’ve ever seen (it’s really hard to outperform Metallica) yet it felt really great to see the band I started to listen as a 12 years old kid. Full of positive emotions we went home to get a short nap before parting with L and continuing our journey across Europe.

4 AM and we were already waiting for a tram to our transfer bus to the airport. It was Friday night (or Saturday morning?), but I wouldn’t expect the tram being packed with so many people at the time. The alcohol smell almost got me drunk once the door was open. Thanks god they got off after couple of stops later.

I was little worried about Wizz Air because of the negative reviews all over the internet, that’s why I borrowed a small backpack from L. Mine was just way too big for their standards and paying 60 euros for an "oversized" luggage wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. They never checked throughout the trip though.

You can find other photos from the trip on my Flickr (I’ll add more photos later).

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