Korea Part 3: Where Are All the Smiling Korean Girls?

I got out of the plane and went straight to an immigration by a shuttle train. I could see N from the distance, but she was with a friend and never looked at me. Nevermind, I’ll save my weird smile for someone else. I guess a nice immigration worker didn’t appreciate it all. Do girls in this country even smile?

I haven’t used the internet for more than 9 hours so I rushed to a K-book store to pick up my Korean sim card, that I’ve ordered couple of days before my trip. The process was straightforward and pretty cashier even gave me the warmest smile I’ve ever had - I’m taking back my judgmental prejudices about Korean girls. The sim card was working at instant without setting a thing.

After couple of minutes masturbating on the fastest mobile internet I’ve ever seen, I noticed I should get to an AREX station to catch the airport train to Seoul. But first I needed to get some money. After half an hour of struggling and going from one ATM to another I ended up in a bank. The guy didn’t really know why any of the ATMs didn’t work, so he went out to try for me. No luck as well and no solution in the air.

I knew they were not gonna help me, so I went around the airport for a while and found another one. It gave me the same stupid error message as the previous ones. Too good I have tons of bank accounts so I’ve tried a different card and voila, it worked. I’ve been to Asia before so I knew there are lot of issues with some card types, but not accepting certain VISAs? Seriously?

I hardly put a huge pile of Korean money (only around 200 euros) in to my wallet and headed to 7-Eleven to purchase a T-money transport card. I didn’t know the exchange rate at the time so the cashier had lot of fun while I was always adding 1 000 KRW out of uncertainity on the table. It took couple of minutes till I went from 1 000 to 20 000 KRW which I decided was the right amount to top up my card, even though I had no idea. I greeted her in Korean while walking out and she also gave me a huge smile. I think I’m starting to like this country.

The train journey to Hongdae (the area where I stayed) took around 1 hour so I had plenty of time looking at other passengers. If you’ve never seen a girl doing a complete make-up tutorial on the train, South Korea is the right place to travel and experience this kind of shit.

I noticed couple of what looked to me like Singaporeans sitting in front of me, staring at me like I was their next victim. We were exchanging these weird "I want to beat the shit out of you" looks the whole journey, so I wasn’t really paying attention what’s going on around. I guess missing the station just by one isn’t that bad. So I quickly jumped off the train and went back to the previous station.

I’m in Korea. I took a deep breath and was enjoying a fashion shows going on in the streets. I wouldn’t be far from truth if I said that 90% of girls in South Korea that you see around are unbelievably beautiful. I made myself looking like a pervert for couple more minutes before I went my way to the apartment I booked on Airbnb.

Going down the road I was stopped by an Asian couple (from Australia) that was lost and was trying to get back on track. I must have looked really confident walking down the streets, otherwise I’m not really sure why they picked on an European tourist that was lost as well.

Thanks only to my iPhone I managed to find the right way to my apartment. Even though it was locked by a code, I couldn’t open it with the code because the door handle was fucked up from outside. I really don’t know how I could manage to open it while I was drunk later on, but being completely sober I struggled with it for about 10 minutes.

Finally, I was inside and experienced my first cultural shock while having what’s called a "traditional Korean shower". It’s basically a shower head connected to a sink next to a toilet. The bathroom has a drain for the water, but the floor is still wet for hours afterwards not to say it feels really dirty.


Having exchanged my smelly self for an entirely new sexy person, I took a short nap before heading for lunch with my interpals friend Y.

P.S. If N’s friend ever read this. I’m really really sorry that I slammed your hand with that overhead luggage bin. I was sleepy and I didn’t even realize what happened at the time. Even though no one will believe me, I felt real shit about it the whole day (until I got my first beer).


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